Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Trying to decide...

I'm trying to decide on a seat. I know I want a leather saddle, one that will break in to fit me perfectly. Brooks is pretty much the only way to go. The question is, which one? I've narrowed it down to three choices:

First: The Brooks Flyer. Simple, single-rail, 2-spring design, smooth saddle surface.

Second, the Brooks B135. Double-springs in the back, a push-pull arrangement, double-rail, with looped spring in the front. Textured saddle surface.

Third, the Brooks B33. Twisted, all-chrome springs, triple-rail, loop springs at the front. Textured saddle surface.

Any of these three saddles fit in with the Porteur style I'm going for. They're made for riding upright, and to soak up heavy hits and rough surfaces. They'll add just the right vintage look, while breaking in to be a perfect saddle to fit me and my riding style.

So many decisions!

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