Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pinstriping Done!

Well, after finding a particular dearth of pinstripers in the Carrboro-Chapel Hill Metroplex, I resigned myself to getting the pinstriping done on my own. I headed to Michael's, and found, to my delite, a gold paint pen with an extra fine tip.

This was good, because my intention was to keep the striping quite subtle on this bike, simply highlighting the steel lugs on the frame with a fine gold line.

I tried my hand first around the bottom bracket, being sure to keep the frame as stable as possible, and giving myself plenty of time. I needed to get used to the flow of the pen on the frame, and after practising on paper for about half an hour, I decided I was ready.

The result surpassed my expectations, actually. The flow was even and perfect, and the lugs provided an outstanding contour upon which to rest the pen tip. Next, I moved on to the seat stay lugs. After a succesful attempt there as well, I finally moved to the more ornate head tube.

Not bad for my very first pinstriping job, even if I am saying so myself. I'm satisfied with it anyway, and it's my bike, so there. (^_-)

Next thing to accomplish will be getting the wheels built. I'll look into making that happen next month. I also just found a source for inexpensive French-thread sealed-cartridge bottom brackets! WOO-HOO! Stay tuned!

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