Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bottom Bracket Arrives.

Got my new French Threaded bottom bracket from the fine folks at Velo Orange in Annapolis, MD. This is a good thing. For those of you not familiar, a bottom bracket is the part of the bike that your cranks and pedals attach to, which allows them to spin round and round.

My particular bike is using the 122mm spindle, which is hollow-bored steel. The bracket body is nice milled aluminum, and the cups are properly threaded for my old Peugeot frame. The unit seems to be of quite nice quality, and the bearings seem nice and smooth.

Before instalation, I plan on treating the inside of the frame with some Frame Saver (a treatment for the steel in bike frames.) Then I'll see about borrowing some stand time at The Clean Machine to get it properly installed in the frame.

Yay, progress!

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